About PVES

Pleasant Valley Elementary School was opened for the 1963-64 school year with a professional staff of 19. It is located on I-81, at exit 243, on a 17-acre site. The school, at this site, consisted of 21 classrooms, library, multi-purpose room, kitchen, office, and clinic area. It had the capacity of 630 students and was built by J. H. Franklin & Sons of Roanoke, VA, at a cost of $364,000. It was the first climate-controlled, all-electric school in Rockingham County.

The student body came as a result of the closing of the Dale Enterprise School located on Route 33 west, and Pleasant Hill School on Pleasant Hill Road, just south of Harrisonburg. Also, some changes in bus routes were made to relieve overcrowding at Bridgewater, Dayton, and Mt. Clinton Schools.

Due to the rapid growth of the attendance area, namely Forest Hills and Ashby Heights, an addition was added consisting of 6 classrooms, gymnasium, and additional library space. This new addition was opened for the 1967-68 school term. Also, at this time, Park View School was closed and students transferred to Pleasant Valley.

During the 1977-78 school year, Kindergarten was added in Rockingham County. This program increased our enrollment by approximately 100 and the teaching staff by 4 classroom teachers. Two mobile units were moved to the school in order to provide housing for all programs, K-6.

A major change in the school's enrollment in the fall of 1983 was a result of Harrisonburg's annexation of over 11 square miles of Rockingham County land. The school lost approximately 250 students and 9 classroom teachers due to this action. Also, 6 county self-contained Special Education classes were transferred to Pleasant Valley, where space was available.

The opening of Mountain View Elementary in August of 2000 redistricted approximately 140 students from Pleasant Valley. The opening of Cub Run Elementary in August of 2008 redistricted approximately 160 students from Pleasant Valley. These new schools in our division impacted our size significantly.

Mr. Lawrence Bowers served as principal of the school from its opening until his retirement in June 1972. Mr. Gar Miley was appointed by the School Board to serve as the school's second principal. Also, at this time, an assistant principal position was added to the staff along with additional resource personnel as recommended by the State Board of Education. The professional staff for the 1972-73 school year numbered 33 with a student enrollment of 705. In July of 1989, Mr. Edward Powell was appointed as the school's third principal. The enrollment was approximately 380 students in the fall of 1989. Mr. Larry W. Barber became principal July 1, 1997. Paula Frazier was appointed principal in August 1998. It was during her tenure that the construction of MVES and CRES led to PVES becoming much smaller and as a result the assistant principal position was eliminated. Upon Paula Frazier's retirement in June of 2015, Sara Hammill became principal of Pleasant Valley Elementary School.

Pleasant Valley underwent a full-scale renovation from spring of 2017 thru the summer of 2018. The library and kitchen areas were expanded, windows, doors and HVAC and electrical systems were fully updated. The interior of the building got a complete update as well. A time capsule was put in the main hallway wall of the library roughly six gray wall tiles south of the library doors. It is a large PVC Pipe, capped on both ends and painted bright purple. It's located in the lower portion of the wall.

On July 1, 2021, Pam Dowrey became the principal of PVES.

PVES Vision, Mission & Promises

Our Vision:


Our Mission:

At Pleasant Valley we work to understand our students and families in order to promote the success of each and every child we serve. We strive to build student curiosity and confidence, create interest, and instill foundational knowledge and 21st Century Skills. We seek to prepare our students to grow, work and lead in our diverse and ever-changing world.

Our Promises:

1. WE PROMISE a fresh start every day!

2. WE PROMISE to believe in our students more than they believe in themselves!

3. WE PROMISE to set high standards for learning and behavior!

4. WE PROMISE to give students a voice!

5. WE PROMISE to hold you accountable for good character!

6. WE PROMISE to be intentional in our approach to instruction and intervention!

7. WE PROMISE to partner with you!

8. WE PROMISE to meet you where you are as learners!

Location & Directions

215 Pleasant Valley Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Google Map

Take I-81 to exit 243. Stay right toward Lee Highway/Route 11 North, then continue straight ahead. Turn right onto Pleasant Valley Road at the stop light. The school is just ahead on the right after crossing the bridge.

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